Travel, adventure, a roof terrace in Amsterdam & a whole lot of bubbles!

So, who is Charlotte and why does she want us to drink champagne with her?

Good question; and thanks for visiting my blog!

In this very first post, I’ll let you know why I’ve started this blog, and what you can expect to discover as I talk about my travel experiences & adventures, life as an expat in Amsterdam and.. of course… champagne!

Firstly, if you would like to read more about me personally and my background, click here; About Charlotte

So why this blog?

It has grown out of a passion for travelling, discovering the world, visiting stunning locations and taking time to enjoy life.  I realised I had so many photos, opinions and reviews which I can share to help enhance other people’s travels as well as my own.  Friends or colleagues often ask me for recommendations when they’ve booked their trip; where to go, what to see – and I decided it would be a great idea to have all this information in one accessible place.

This blog is for those of you who have made (or are thinking about making) the leap to a new town, a new country,  a new continent.  Maybe for a holiday, or perhaps for longer.  For jet setters, pioneers and adventurers, who want to discover new destinations or re-discover classic places (with a champagne glass in one hand!)

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to and live in incredible places during my adult life.  For the most part I try and travel with as much glamour and luxury as possible!  That’s not to say I haven’t stayed in many hostels in Australia during my 20s, and I’m no stranger to travelling huge distances on a Greyhound bus!  Alongside Michelin restaurants and relaxing poolside in luxury resorts, I love to go back to my rural upbringing and trek right into the heart of incredible country like the Badlands National Park, whether by foot or horseback.  Admittedly, there’s usually a glass of champers waiting for me at the end of it ; )

Travelling, especially as a solo traveller, has quite literally broadened my horizons and increased my confidence.  Most of all, it has allowed me to meet some incredible people from all over the world, some of whom have remained in my life as good friends.  I’ll be writing a post dedicated to travelling solo soon.. watch this space. 

And what about the champagne?

Like you, I’ve always enjoyed good food, wine and champagne, which for me go hand in hand with travel and adventures.  While not an expert by any means, I like learning about tasting, food pairings and which wines I prefer.

Different champagnes and wines also hold memories of evenings spent in fantastic company in beautiful places.  Even the design or picture of a special bottle can be very emotive.

I have had the opportunity to try many beautiful wines, and have usually taken photos of the bottles and made notes for myself.  I knew I wanted to make this a part of my blog.  As you read my posts, you’ll see recommendations and reviews of champagne and wines that we have really enjoyed.  As the blog develops, my intention is to have a dedicated champagne and wine section.  I’ll also recommend retailers in this area of expertise that I know and trust.

So what next?

As I discover new places, and re-visit favourites, I’m going to share my personal experience of hotels, resorts, restaurants and other activities.  I’ll let you know what I did and didn’t like, or things I don’t think you should miss.  As my friends will attest, I’m incredibly honest!  If I’ve really enjoyed something, I won’t hesitate to recommend it.  If there is room for improvement, I’m absolutely going to mention it.

As an expat living in Amsterdam – and still navigating my way in this strange new country –  I’ll also be writing lifestyle posts, with tips and advice on everything from looking for work, renting apartments, and retailers or sites that I’ve found useful while settling in here.

The main focus of Champagne With Charlotte is to provide what I hope will be useful information, interesting and entertaining topics, and to inspire you to travel somewhere new.  Maybe you’ll stay in a boutique hotel you wouldn’t have thought of, or try a hidden gem of a restaurant that you might have walked past before and not noticed.

Whether I’m writing about great bike rides in Amsterdam and the Netherlands, boutique hotels in Barcelona, or log cabins in the Badlands, the aim is always to share the adventure.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting about various travels, starting with a sweltering visit to Rome last weekend where the temperatures reached 41 degrees!  As I share my experiences and develop my blog, it would also be great to hear from you with recommendations or questions about the places I’m visiting.

Of course, I’ll also be blogging about adventures closer to home in Amsterdam, including the beautiful coastal town of Noordwijk aan Zee, and other parts of the Netherlands which are easily accessible from the City.

So… I’m going to start on that next post (probably over a glass of bubbly!).  In the meantime, in the words of Hunter S Thomson, “buy the ticket, take the ride”, and enjoy some adventures!

Travel safe!


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