About Charlotte

Champagne @ Casina Valadier, Rome, August 2017

So we know my name is Charlotte.  My middle name is Elizabeth.  Sound familiar?  Yes, its true, Wills & Kate copied my full name for the youngest Princess 🙂 They have pretty good taste if you ask me (and my Mum – who obviously takes full credit for choosing such a Royal name!).

Travel and adventure has always been my priority.  While some people have an ambition to climb the corporate ladder, I’m far happier climbing hiking trails in Hawaii at sunset, or the staircase to the crown of Liberty herself.   

I grew up in a rural part of Yorkshire, in the North of England, a place of picturesque villages and beautiful countryside.   In my mid 20s, After 3 or 4 years working in the financial services industry, I took a gap year to Australia, a life-changing experience that well and truly cemented my sense of wanderlust. 

Returning to the UK, I soon relocated to London to work as an Executive Assistant for a global advertising agency, where I experienced the buzz and excitement of working in the heart of Soho.  In the past few years my career as an EA has allowed me to hone my organisation and event planning skills, which come in handy when organising my own life and travel!

Like many of you, I love fashion, design and beautiful things! I really appreciate the stunning buildings, landscapes and hotel designs I encounter on my travels, and I try to bring some of these elements into my own home.  That way, I’m always reminded that my next adventure is just around the corner.  The wooden “Aloha” sign bought in Hawaii and hanging on our front door is a typical example!

From watching the sunrise over the Grand Canyon, to hiking in Hawaii, sipping champagne at sunset overlooking Bondi Beach, the bright lights of Las Vegas and the quiet expanse of the Dakotas, I’ve experienced incredible moments and created memories which will last a lifetime.  Usually accompanied by a cold glass of bubbly!

I hope this blog inspires you to do the same!

Charlotte x

Taking a rest from a hike in Badlands National Park, June 2017



My beautiful green city bike