24 hours in beautiful Verona

“O, how this spring of love resembleth
The uncertain glory of an April day,
Which now shows all the beauty of the sun,
And by and by a cloud takes all away!”
William Shakespeare, The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Only an hour inland from Venice by high speed train, the pretty medieval Italian city of Verona lies in the Northern Veneto region.

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Chances are, the first thing that springs to mind when the “City of Love” is mentioned are the world’s favourite star crossed lovers, Romeo & Juliet.  And while it may be true that Shakespeare based his play on historical families from Verona, there are a lot more things to see and experience in this surprising city.

We did an overnight trip before heading back to Venice, but we will definitely be returning to spend more time there!

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Kayaking Kauai; Kayak Wailua

There are so many activities to choose from on the adventure island of Kauai, in the air, land or water, it can be difficult to decide which to do during your visit!

We have been lucky enough to visit Kauai a few times, and have had the privilege of viewing the island from a helicopter (you can read about that adventure here), from a catamaran at sea, and of course from the many incredible hiking trails around the island.  But I had yet to see the island from the viewpoint of the beautiful Wailua River, the largest navigable river on Kauai.   So on our most recent trip, after a bit of research, we booked our places, grabbed our paddles, and off we went!

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Hiking Kauai: Kuilau Ridge Trail & Moalepe Trail


We arrived back from our most recent visit to Hawaii almost two weeks ago.  The adjustment from daily average temperatures of 28°C to around.. um.. -4°C has not been fun!  But at least it gives me an excuse to stay inside and write about some of the fantastic hikes we did on the beautiful Garden Island of Kauai (which is one of our favourite places in the world).  You can also read about other recommended hikes in my previous post Hiking Kauai; Top trails on the Garden Isle.

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Fine dining in London; The Wolseley, Savoy Grill & Kaspar’s

In my previous post, Luxury in London; Mini breaks at The Savoy & The Dorchester, I promised to write a short post on some of our favourite dining spots in London.  As I am very excited to be heading back to The Savoy in London next weekend (yay!), I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about one of my all time favourite subjects…food!  If you’ve been wondering where you can find the perfect steak (or anything else!) in London, in the most luxurious surroundings, read on..

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Luxury in London; Mini breaks at The Savoy & The Dorchester

As I sit here sweltering in the record breaking heat wave, with my Dyson fan cranked up as high as it goes (“you’re glad I persuaded you we should buy another one, aren’t you?”, says my husband, gleefully… I suppose he has to be right sometimes), my thoughts drift back to my fully air-conditioned oasis in the Dorchester Hotel, where we stayed for a lovely weekend in early June.

Because we have been lucky enough to stay in both the Dorchester Hotel and The Savoy Hotel this year, I thought it would be nice to write about our experiences in both, especially if you’re maybe deciding between the two.  Both are historical landmarks of the city, each representing a slightly different style of opulence and luxury.  Both have played host to countless celebrities, film stars, Royals and World leaders over the decades and centuries.

Neither hotel really needs much introduction (or advertising!), but they very much deserve a spot on my blog.   If you’re looking to step back in time for a while, forget about plastic straws, and experience the ultimate luxurious mini break (or longer!) in London, read on..

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Hiking Oahu; Diamond Head & two waterfalls

Aloha!  In my previous post Summer in Hawaii; Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Oahu, I wrote about where we stay, and favourite places to dine out in Waikiki and surrounding areas.  Besides the bright lights and fantastic restaurants of downtown Honolulu, there is a lot more to the beautiful island of Oahu!

If you get tired of sipping cocktails by the pool, and find yourself yearning for adventure (and need to burn off some of the calories from the Cheesecake Factory!) there are some fantastic hiking trails around the island.

Here are three of our favourites so far..

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Summer in Hawaii; Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Oahu

Aloha!  In my previous post Summer on Kauai; Waimea town, Canyon & surrounding areas, I talked about week one of our Honeymoon,  in the beautiful and rugged Waimea area on Kauai.  For the next half of our trip, we left our little sugar plantation that had become home, and headed to the bright lights of Waikiki!

I’ve now been lucky enough to visit Oahu & Waikiki several times, and in this post I’ll give some recommendations & reviews of where we stay and favourite restaurants in this bustling coastal city.  There are are also much quieter and more remote parts of this beautiful island and Waikiki is a perfect base from which to explore..

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Summer on Kauai; Waimea town, Canyon & surrounding areas

As you may know if you have visited my blog before, I don’t need much excuse to re-visit Hawaii (or in particular, my current favourite of the islands, Kauai)!  So after a small amount of deliberation, we decided to take a 2-week summer trip last month for our (slightly belated) honeymoon 😀

Sadly, due to severe flooding and mud slides in the North of Kauai in April this year, the resort where we would normally stay (Hanalei Colony Resort) , was still completely blocked off and unable to accept guests (Still not re-opened as of spring 2019).  I wrote about this part of the island in my previous post,  In a land called Hanalei

After doing some research on other parts of the island, we settled on the Waimea area, on the West coast of the Island – the town where Captain Cook first set foot on the islands in 1778.  exactly 240 years later, another intrepid British explorer arrived (only this time, very jet lagged, in a Jeep from Avis and with many shopping bags from Safeway)..

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A visit to Vuurtoreneiland

Go back to nature and enjoy a delicious dinner on this centuries old remote lighthouse island.. where sustainability and self-sufficiency are key

You close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the island.. there is no mobile phone reception here, only the sound of the water lapping, the patter of hooves as some resident sheep fleetingly run past, disturbed by the strange visitors.  The wind is strong and refreshing, and you feel a cold light spring rain against your face.  You pull your coat closer as you take in the old lighthouse, rugged scenery, and old bunkers, remnants of a long derelict fort.  As you turn a corner on the uneven ground, you smell the inviting aroma of cooking and wood smoke.  Fire pits are lit, with seats around the outside.  The lights are warm and comforting.  You are stranded on this island until later tonight, when the boat will take you back to the mainland.  You decide to follow the warmth and see where the adventure takes you..

This may sound like an excerpt from a (perhaps not very good!) fictional novel..but this is exactly the experience you will have on a visit to this remote Lighthouse Island.  Read on to discover more! Continue reading “A visit to Vuurtoreneiland”

More bike adventures from Amsterdam; Easter in Edam

As I flicked back through my (gorgeous leather Tiffany 😊) diary to check the Easter weekend dates, I couldn’t believe it’s already been over 4 weeks!  Not to mention it’s  over 3 months since we returned from our Christmas/New Year break in Hawaii…time flies when you’re having fun!  I’ve also been very delinquent with my blog 😳, which I’m going to remedy with some new posts over the next couple of weeks.   We’ll also be moving to a new apartment- very exciting, and something I’m going to write about soon – with some tips on navigating the rental market for expats in Amsterdam.

We’ve been on some lovely weekend adventures in the Netherlands in the last couple of months, as well as a very special London visit in March, with a luxurious stay in the Savoy Hotel (more on that soon…watch this space!)

So today I thought I’d do a post on our recent visit to Edam, a quaint historical town on the Markermeer, probably best known for its little round cheeses, but with a lot more to offer.. including a delightful Auberge Hotel…the perfect place to relax after the ride from Amsterdam. Continue reading “More bike adventures from Amsterdam; Easter in Edam”